JJ Productions - The Beginning

A few days after the passing of Johnny Joe, many questions began to surface from family, friends and so many of his fellow musicians. What are we going to do now, was the question most often asked. There was still so much pain and suffering there was really no time right then to think of the future without him. I made a promise to him at his deathbed that he would never be forgotten. Questions kept coming and I saw the need not only for myself, but for so many people to do whatever possible to keep him in the limelight as long as possible.

It has taken many of us to accomplish but a promise made, a promise kept. Thirty years coming up and we've kept his music alive and it still sounds as good as ever.  Music became a must involvement to do, in my mind, what he would have done himself in so many ways. Some songs that he and I had started writing were finally finished. I got involved with another Cheto sensation - Tejano Breed and the move was on, always with him in mind. Took me a while but I finally put together my version of his life in "El Corrido de Johnny Joe Espinoza", beautifully arranged and recorded by another Cheto sensation - Martin Zavala y Los Rancheritos.  You can listen to it below.

Other musicians began coming to me for songs and an opportunity for them to record their sound and make it public. And that was the beginning of JJ Productions.