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Just could not be a much better introduction to this website than the song "Por Un Amor".  This song was considered his signature song and was often requested by the fans during live performances.  You can listen to it below.
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In Memoriam

This Website is dedicated primarily to and in memory of Juan Jose Espinoza, also known as Johnny Joe and Juanillo.  Johnny Joe was a very talented musician, singer, song writer and stage performer.  Born in Asherton (Cheto) Texas on August 31, 1947, he demonstrated his musical talent and his stage presence very early in his young life, and by the age of 12 years old he was an accomplished guitarist and singer.  Although primarily a Tejano vocalist, Johnny Joe loved all styles of music and could belt out soulful renditions of soul music, he loved and always performed classic 50's and 60's oldies, later the popular 70's and 80's hits and topped it all off with sweet renditions of classic and current Country and Western tunes.  Many of these songs will be featured throughout the web pages, primarily in the Johnny Joe Archives section.  In the span of his short life and musical career, he performed with various bands belting out the different genres of music he so loved.


As a young Tejano star he recorded with several independent companies including SAS Records, then a division of Joey Records of San Antonio, Texas.  His extended career was popularized after he joined Zavala Band, a group of local musicians of the Winter Garden district in South Texas.  Zavala Band was signed by Freddie Records of Corpus Christi, Texas recording three albums for the company during their heyday.  These albums are featured in the Johnny Joe Archives section.


Johnny Joe Espinoza's life was tragically ended on August 2, 1988.  On the night of his death, he was returning home from a band practice session when the fatal accident occurred.


JJ Productions company was started shortly after his death, primarily to keep his memory alive, also to pass on his talent as an example to other musicians, and to help future local musical talent keep the onda Tejana alive and going.


Johnny Joe is my brother.


Segundo Espinoza Jr. 

President, JJ Productions